Swing Byske

Swing Byske – furniture for a modern life

Activity-based environments comes with several benefits. To live and work in more flexible and personalized rooms create comfort and well-being at an individual level, which in turn creates the conditions for good health and quality of life.

The most attractive and creative offices in the world, such as Google and North Kingdom, have for a long time been using activity-based solutions and designs to create well-being and inspire great achievements in their office environments.

Swing Byske

The Byske swing is manufactured in Västerbotten. The materials consist of oak that was sawed by Lappvattnets carpentry in a small village outside Skellefteå. The seat is stuffed with 100% wool and held in place by thin reindeer leather from Sattajärvi. The braided seat is inspired by ”näverkonten” – birch bark baskets used by the people living in Västerbotten to gather cloudberries in on the mires in the old days and that’s why there is a beautiful cloudberry depicted on the leather. The sturdy completely uncoloured cow leather from Byske is assembled by hand in a shoemaker’s shop and is a naturally tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery. The ropes are made of lightly scented hemp.

Facts Swing Byske

Length: 55 cm    Width: 20 cm

The recommended height above floor is about 55 cm.

Each swing comes with hooks for suspension.

Each swing is numbered and the production is made in a limited edition.

Mounting instructions

Timeless exclusive Scandinavian design for your playful side

Design for people, regardless of age, for families who want to live an active life. Communion and qualitative time together runs like a thread through the creation of a happy existence. Time together with those who are important to you.